14 January 2020

The platform has the objective to bring influencers closer to those in need (companies, traders) and vice versa.

That way they both are able to approach each other directly without filters.

Influencers can create a public image for themselves to be seen. The sponsors, on the other hand, can deal with those according to their needs and budget. All this in a constant growing market.

We believe that the platform can help both parties.

In the future, other platforms will be added to those already known. We want to bring them all together in one system.

A trial version will be available to show how the platform will work.

The definitive platform will have better graphics, with additional features for influencers.

A quota will be issued to each donor.

(influencers have a big impact today.
we want to give the latter a service to increase their possibilities.
many companies are looking for various types of influencers without knowing this growing sector.
Here our platform can help both …

the financiers will be members of the company. each based on the amount paid.

they will have, as a percentage, the revenues that the platform will produce.

initially it takes advantage of 5% of any receipts that will come from marketing agreements between companies and influencers.

the financiers will be members of the company. each based on the amount paid:


thus reaching a maximum of 50% of earnings

the total investment of € 10000

3000 to complete the platform.

1000 for company creation with all shareholders signed by a notary
6000 exclusively for marketing.
to start, for us it seems sufficient. another capital comes from our portfolio.

the proceeds, hopefully, you have members will be sent every month via bank transfer. so please send us your coordinates when requested.

We currently believe that it is the only project of its kind that can facilitate the work of companies and influencers

Risks & Challenges

being however that there are no similar platforms does not mean that there are no risks, because unfortunately there are no 100% safe investments.

we hope with good work to achieve excellent goals

Other Ways You Can Help

help can come from anyone even without investment. helping us to make our idea known as much as possible with social networks.